Sumner Group Defence is an emerging player in the area of defence procurement for governments around the world, focusing primarily on government procurement for the following sectors:

  • Private Security Contracting

  • Security Training 

  • Defence Procurement (products and services from uniforms and vehicles to education services and facilities management)

  • PPE security & logistics

Sumner Group Defence prides itself on its blue chip team who prepare procurement solutions that exactly fit the needs of its customer base. Everything delivered is done so to the highest ethical and corporate governance standards.

​Our objective is to exceed our clients' expectations by delivering effective procurement solutions on time. We have the depth of expertise and skills to deliver robust, expert solutions; and, irrespective of complexity, we have a strong track record of successful completions. Sumner Group Defence along with Sumner Group has a truly global reach, with presence spanning the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Governments spent a total of US$1.56 trillion on defence in 2017, equivalent to 2% of global gross domestic product (GDP). Some countries spent a significantly higher proportion, with both the United States and Singapore committing more than 3% of GDP to defence and Israel more than 5%. 

Rising geopolitical tensions and continuing terrorist threats provide justifications for these increases. When dealing with budgets this vast, small improvements can generate great benefits. Sumner Group Defence prides itself in working with governments to find dynamic and efficient solutions to their procurement needs.

Many countries have significantly reduced their defence personnel numbers since the end of the Cold War, with the United States alone cutting from 2.15 million in 1985 to 1.35 million in 2016. The remaining staff have been equipped with more technologically-advanced equipment, which has made defence procurement increasingly important and expensive.